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The International Open Lab Day in VNISI

May 22, 2015 in VNISI held Open Day Test Center - event, held in the framework of marking the International Year of the world program of the International Commission on Illumination, "World Days of open laboratories"
At 10 am the guests met the test center staff VNISI, and then show and tell how and what you need to experience the lights and measure their performance.
Chief metrologist VNISI Roman Belyaev presented the guests presented the main directions of activities of the Institute and its history, as well as about the place lighting measurements and tests take up in the system to improve the quality and efficiency of lighting. After the theory of all the participants the open day were directly involved in the practice, becoming witnesses of how the measurements of lighting and electrical parameters of the lamp on all kinds of equipment - from the traditional photometric bench and Ulbricht sphere to the latest goniophotometer RIGO 801.

After the spectrophotometric Laboratory Testing Center participants of the meeting went to the recently opened on the basis of innovative lighting VNISI Center, where they were shown how to create three-dimensional prototypes of products using advanced software, 3D-scanner-and 3D-printers. The accuracy and the speed of the job, when just a few hours and share the idea of ​​designer ready prototype of the product, of course, made a deep impression on the guests of the Center.

Employees test station VNISI showed participants of the event, as the tested lighting devices in the dust cells moisture. Guests were able to see with their own eyes how the LED will light in the extreme conditions - at a temperature of -40 or +50. During the tour of the testing station visitors attention was represented part of historical lighting fixtures, designed in VNISI for space applications, including those used in space to this day.

The final part of the Open Day was a visit to a mobile lighting VNISI laboratory that allows to carry out works on assessing the quality and efficiency of all kinds of outdoor lighting, and above all, road. Senior Engineer Michael VNISI Fedorischev and Head of the Laboratory demonstrated Anatoly Chernyak lab work on shooting and processing of data on the characteristics of the brightness of the roadway and the formation of the protocol.

Participants of the open house have expressed a sincere interest in the trial cent practical experience for photometry and testing of lighting products and installations, asked many questions and were satisfied with the gained experience and knowledge, and hence the main goal of the event, declared the International Commission on Illumination - popularization of photometry and lighting tests - has been achieved.

We thank our guests for taking the time to visit our Test Centre and we wish them success and professional!