VNISI team

All-Union Scientific Research Lighting Engineering Institute (VNISI) them. S.I. Vavilova is a leading national lighting center specializing in solving science-intensive problems in the field of theory, methods, techniques and regulation of lighting, measurements and testing of lighting and operational characteristics of lighting devices and light sources, expert and consulting activities in the field of lighting.

From the time of its foundation in 1951 to the present day, VNISI has been conducting search and applied research and work in various areas of lighting engineering. Currently, this is primarily the development of recommendations, norms and standards that form the modern base of lighting standards. In the field of priority research areas of VNISI - utilitarian outdoor lighting, methods for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of lighting, lighting measurements and testing the characteristics of both light sources and devices, and lighting installations.

VNISI maintains a high scientific and technical potential, consisting of 2 academicians of the Electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation, 3 doctors and 16 candidates of sciences, and a staff of highly qualified professionally trained specialists.

The institute has postgraduate studies with a limit of 10 people in the specialty "Lighting Engineering". Currently, 3 graduate students are studying at the VNISI postgraduate study.

"Rosstandart" for VNISI assigned the Technical Committee for Standardization 332 "Lighting Products".