Старейший в мире фестиваль света в условиях пандемии прошёл в онлайн-формате c 7 по 9 декабря 2020 года

On 9th of November VNISI took part at the LUCI General Assembly and Exploring City Nightscapes webinar. It was great opportunity for LUCI members to learn about the network’s ongoing and future activities. Following the General Assembly, LUCI members joined “Exploring City Nightscapes" webinar, an introduction to the new publication on city nightscapes by LUCI, produced in partnership with the City of Lyon and the EU ROCK project. This unique compilation features conversations with urban lighting decision-makers from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bologna, City of London, Ghent, Geneva, Jyväskylä, Lyon, Rotterdam, Seoul, Shanghai and Strasbourg.

The member cities of LUCI elected a new Executive Committee to lead the network at the LUCI General Assembly online on 9 November 2020. The City of Jyväskylä (Finland), represented by Ms. Meri Lumela, Chair of the City Board of Jyvaskyla, was elected President of LUCI. The City of Lyon (France), represented by Mr. Sylvain Godinot, Deputy Mayor of Lyon in charge of Ecological Transition and Heritage, was elected 1st Vice President of LUCI, and the City of Seoul (S. Korea) represented by Mr. Hak Jin Kim, Deputy Mayor II of Seoul, was elected Vice President for Asia. The City of Rabat (Morrocco), represented by Mounir el Guennouni, Member of the City Council of Rabat was appointed as Treasurer.

Representatives from over 30 cities from around the world were present to reflect on the past and upcoming activities of the network.

"Modern Museum Lighting: a view of Lighting Designer, Architect, Lighting Engineer"
Ближайшие мероприятия Международного сообщества городского освещения пройдут онлайн и будут бесплатными
The Conference "Light in Museum" will be held in the St.-Petersburg after the lifting of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic
Due to the continuing risk of COVID-19 and limited international communication LUX PACIFICA Conference is postponed indefinitely
On June 2020 the online discussion of museum lighting was held
Работы на конкурс "Российский светодизайн" принимаются онлайн
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