VNISI Testing Center get ILAC MRA mark

VNISI Testing Center get ILAC MRA mark

The Federal Accreditation Service approved the use of the combined ILAC MRA mark on the issued test and measurement reports within the scope of accreditation by the VNISI Testing Center for lighting products in accordance with the requirements regarding the procedure for using the combined ILAC MRA mark.

ILAC is the leading international laboratory accreditation body that develops laboratory accreditation methods and procedures to facilitate trade and develop systems for the recognition of competent testing organizations around the world.

The International ISO/IEC 17025 Standard has been adopted as the basis for the accreditation of test laboratories in many countries around the world, allowing for a unified approach to determining their competence. As a result, countries can enter into agreements based on mutual evaluation and recognition of each other's accreditation systems. The ILAC MRA Mutual Recognition Agreement, signed by more than 40 countries, including Russia, provides the possibility of mutual recognition by these countries of test and calibration data, and each member of ILAC MRA recognizes laboratories accredited by their partner as accredited by themselves.

The ILAC MRA mark, received by the VNISI Testing Center, allows recognition of the results of its tests, including data for exporting products to the markets of the countries participating in the ILAC Agreement. This will significantly reduce the costs of Russian manufacturers and exporters of lighting products, as the need to retest products abroad will be significantly reduced.

Test reports of the VNISI Testing Center are drawn up according to the generally accepted form of international organizations (IEC and CIE) in the field of standardization in English and can be used by the manufacturer to confirm the compliance (declaration/certification) of products to the national requirements of potential export countries.

Details of the ILAC Agreement and a list of signatory countries can be found atВ  ILAC.

The list of standards in the field of accreditation of the VNISI Testing Center covered by the agreement ILAC MRA is available here.

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