Starting with its foundation in 1951, VNISI has been conducting measurements and testing for civil and special purpose of lighting engineering and electro technical equipment in various fields, including photometric and colorimetric measurements, lighting engineering metrology, tests on firmness and durability of products to influence of external climatic and mechanical factors.

Photometric and Colorimetric Measurements

Spectrophotometric laboratory of the VNISI testing operations centre utilizes various types of measuring equipment, that allows conducting a wide range of photometric and colorimetric measurements:

Spherical photometric integrators with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 2 meters Photometric benches

3 types of goniophotometers

Standard lamps to measure luminous intensity (SIS type) and luminous flux (SIP type)

Stabilized sources for AC and DC voltage

Spectral colorimeter

Illuminance meters, UV-radiometer


Digital and analogous active power meters, amperemeter

Multimeters and other devices and accessories

Mechanical & climatic tests

Control and Testing Station (KIS) provides the solution of problems in testing lighting fixtures on electrical safety testing of durability and strength of products to external climatic and mechanical factors, including checks on the degree of protection fixtures shells (the IP), tested the effects of shock and vibration, high and low temperatures in accordance with GOST 30630.1.2-99 "test methods for resistance to mechanical external influencing factors of machines, instruments and other industrial products (tests for vibration), GOST 51371-99" Methods of test for resistance to mechanical external influencing machines, instruments and other industrial products (testing effects of shocks) ", GOST 30630.2.1-2013" test methods for resistance to climatic external influencing factors of machines, instruments and other industrial products (test of resistance to temperature) ", GOST R IEC 60598-1-2011, etc.

Special equipment also allows testing of electrical parameters (dielectric strength, insulation resistance, etc.) and degree of protection (IP) skins test objects.

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