Evgeniy Rozovskiy has passed away

Evgeniy Rozovskiy has passed away

On June 26, 2020, at the age of seventy-third, the leading researcher of VNISI, senior scientific editor of the magazine "Light Engineering" Evgeniy I. Rozovskiy, a man of brilliant mind and a dedicated worker, died from the serious disease COVID 19.

Evgeniy Rozovskiy worked at VNISI for 49 years. Being a highly qualified and competent specialist, having the highest performance and ability to master new fields of scientific activity, Evgeniy played a key role in ensuring the work of the National Committee of the CIE. As a first-class terminology specialist, he has made significant contributions to a number of CIE publications in Russian language, including the latest edition of the International Lighting Dictionary, CIE official statements, the S 025 Measurement Standard, UV Safety Technical Reports, etc. Thanks in large part to him, the CIE workshop in Russia was successfully held in 2018. In addition, while developing national and interstate standards, Evgeniy Rozovskiy acted as the expert at the International Electrical Commission IEC, in particular he has been included as an expert from Russia in recently created AG15 working on horticultural lighting terms & definition standard development. Took an active part in the field of international standardization, organizing important scientific and technical events, such as the "Light in the Museum" International Conference, International Scientific and Technical greenhouses lighting Conference, Interlight LED Forum and etc.

For a long time he worked in the "Light&Engineering" journal as the scientific editor and editor-translator. His ability to work with text, deep knowledge of lighting engineering and lighting terminology, excellent knowledge of English made it possible to publish many foreign scientific articles and publications in Russian language.

Today we have lost a truly irreplaceable employee, the scientist, the comrade. We will be sorely missed by Evgeniy Rozovskiy, his advice and criticism, his willingness to help his colleagues and get involved at any time. Modesty, benevolence and intelligence of E.I. Rozovskiy, his outlook and erudition, spreading much wider professional knowledge, tremulous and respectful attitude to loved ones and colleagues will forever remain in our memory.

The team of VNISI named after S.I. Vavilov, editorial staff of the Light&Engineering 

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