The 14th LED Forum took place in Moscow

The 14th LED Forum took place in Moscow
On September 13, LED FORUM was held for the 14th time, where VNISI, together with RNC MCO and Lighting Business Consulting, co-organized the session “Certification, declaration and testing in lighting engineering. Instructions for use".

The session was moderated by Vladimir Gabrielyan, President of Lighting Business Consulting. The speakers of the event were Sergey Antipov, head of the certification body Svetos (one of the oldest certification centers in the field of lighting technology in our country), Sergey Borovkov, general director of Lighting Business Consulting, Roman Belyaev, chief metrologist of VNISI; Polyanskaya Oksana, expert of ANO "Soyuzexpertiza" of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation; Dmitry Bludov, Deputy Head of the Certification Body ANO "Certification Center "Svyaz-certificate"; Irina Fedorenko, head of the representative office of the Technical Testing Institute Piestany, Slovakia (TSU); representatives of NIIIS them. A.N. Lodygin - Sergey Kapitonov, director of scientific and technical development and Sergey Prytkov, researcher at the testing center of the laboratory of electric lamps and lighting products.

The speakers discussed the issues of confirming the quality of lighting products and their certification. The forum participants got an idea about the competences of testing laboratories and certification centers, their working conditions and the peculiarities of passing quality assurance procedures for working in the Russian and foreign markets.

In particular, Oksana Polyanskaya, an expert of ANO SOYUZEXPERTIZA of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (SOEX), told the forum participants about expert support in determining the compliance of the quality and safety of lighting products with the requirements of the EAEU Technical Regulations and regulatory documentation in force on the territory of the Russian Federation, examination in the framework of pre-trial and litigation disputes.

Among other topics, they discussed ensuring the control of accredited certification bodies and laboratories, the situation on the declaration and certification market, certification and declaration abroad (conformity assessment procedures for exporters), a review of work experience in the field of conformity assessment in the IECEE system, ENEC, etc.

LED FORUM is the largest international conference on LED lighting technologies in Russia and Eastern Europe. The forum covers the current trends in the LED industry and is a professional platform for representatives of science, business and applied fields.

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