The first museum lighting standards in Russia approved

The first museum lighting standards in Russia approved
February 27, 2020 Rosstandart approved the first national standards in the field of museum lighting, developed by VNISI in the framework of activities of the Technical Committee for Standardization 332 "Lighting products, artificial lighting":
  • GOST R 58814-2020 “Museum lighting. Terms and Definitions".
  • GOST R 58815-2020 “Lamps with LEDs for museum lighting. General specifications. "
  • PNST 392-2020 “Museum lighting. LED lighting. Norms. "
  • PNST 393-2020 “Museum lighting. LED lighting. Methods of measurement of normalized parameters."

The new standards contain terms and definitions used in the field of museum lighting, which will ensure the unity of terminology in this area and improve mutual understanding between workers in museums and the lighting industry. In addition, the standards establish the requirements for lighting characteristics, acceptance rules, test methods, packaging, transportation and storage, establish standardized parameters for the lighting characteristics of the exposure lighting of museum items and general lighting of museums, storage facilities and restoration workshops, and contain measurement methods that ensure uniformity the distribution of lighting on the surface of the exhibit, as well as the distribution of brightness in the visitor’s field of vision.

The standards are supposed to be applied in museums, art galleries, storage facilities and restoration workshops, as well as enterprises engaged in museum lighting and the production of lamps. Both Russian museums, including the State Hermitage, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the State Historical Museum, and manufacturers of lighting equipment took part in a public discussion of draft standards.

In its press release, Rosstandart notes that the approved standards are unique - there are no international and foreign analogues of the above standards. The exception was PNST 392-2020, the foreign analogues of which include the American standard ANSI / IEC RP-30-17 Recommended Practice for Museum Lighting, 2017 and the European standard CEN / TS 16163: 2014 Conservation of Cultural Heritage - Guidelines and procedures for choosing appropriate lighting for indoor exhibitions.

The New Standards will enter into force on August 1, 2020.

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