The scientific and technical Council of the lighting industry in the Russian Federation (STC Svetotekhnika)

STC Svetotekhnika has been operating since 2016 and is a public organization uniting the leading representatives of the lighting industry in Russia. STC "Svetotekhnika" includes 68 participants from 34 leading Russian organizations of the industry (of which 14 - scientific and educational). 

Over the years, NTS has become the optimal and the broadest platform for public and professional discussion of regulatory documents and consideration of legislative initiatives in the field of lighting technology. .

Council's work goals

STC "Svetotekhnika" considers both the research works already underway and their projects and initiatives, successfully pursuing the main objectives of their activities, which include:

  • Development of science and technology policy in the field of lighting;
  • Identifying priority areas of research and development;
  • Conducting market research and market analysis to identify the interests of consumers studying the competitive environment identify possible sources of funding for research and development. 

Councils sections

As part of the activities of STC "Svetotekhnika" are carrying out their work scientific sections in 10 areas:

  1. Lighting devices and technologies used to create lighting devices; 

  2. Lighting engineering education and methodology;

  3. Museum lighting;
  4. Sources of radiation and control gears;
  5. Software and mathematical modeling;
  6. Lighting installations and physiology of vision;
  7. Irradiation installations of photo biological action;
  8. Metrology, modern measurement methods and measuring equipment;
  9. Standardization and certification in lighting engineering;
  10. Trade policy and economic activity. 

Beside it, STC "Svetotekhnika" actively cooperates with the Russian National Committee of the of the International Commission on Illumination RNC CIE and the Interstate Technical Committee TC 332 on the standardization of "Lighting Systems".


Responsible Secretary Julia Fadeeva

Tel.: (495) 788-32-96


More info is on the STC's web.