Bureau of Standardization

Targets and Directions

  • Compliance with the standardization principles established by the Federal Standardization Act in the Russian Federation:

  • Development of regulatory documents for standardization in the field of lighting products and artificial lighting, consistent with modern achievements of science and technology;

  • Using international standards as the basis for developing standards to remove technical barriers to trade;

  • Promoting compliance with technical regulations in force in the Russian Federation;

  • Inadmissibility of establishing requirements in standards those are contrary to technical regulations;

  • Improving the quality and competitiveness of products by standardizing lighting parameters and characteristics of lighting devices and artificial lighting;

  • Application of unified testing methods (measurements) of lighting products;

  • Improving the effectiveness of the technical committees for standardization in lighting;

  • Maintenance of the secretariats - the national TC 332 Lighting products, artificial lighting and the interstate ITC 332 Lighting products.


The direction of the development of standardization documents in the field of lighting technology is related to the following objects of standardization:

  • Lamp control devices (control devices for LED modules, electronic and electromagnetic ballasts, pulse ignition devices, converters, transformers, etc.);

  • Lamp holders of various types (threaded, for fluorescent lamps, bayonet, for halogen lamps and other special light sources, connectors for LED modules);

  • Electric light sources, incl. LED;

  • Artificial lighting: utilitarian outdoor lighting, lighting of roads and road tunnels, museum, greenhouse, industrial, airfield, sports lighting, lighting of public buildings and structures, etc., automated lighting control systems, including LED lighting.

Development of documents on standardization in the field of lighting engineering for the objects indicated above, of the following aspects:

  • Terms and Definitions;

  • Classification;

  • Safety requirements;

  • Technical requirements;

  • Operational requirements;

  • Performance requirements;

  • Requirements for lighting performance;

  • Reliability requirements;

  • Energy efficiency requirements;

  • Test methods;

  • General specifications;

  • Lighting standards;

  • Methods for measuring lighting parameters;

  • Calculation methods;

  • Data presentation format;

  • General and particular requirements for automated lighting control systems.


Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S.I. Vavilov

Address: 129626, 1st Rizhskiy pereulok, 6, bld.2, office 709

Head of Beaurau of Standardization Tatiana Nikiforova

Telephone: +7 (495) 686-06-11